Here are some of our favorite attractions in and near Durbin.

The Station 2 Restaurant - phone 1-304-456-4506.

Rooms are available at the Station 2 Restaurant. See Station 2 rooms. (these rooms have air conditioning and TV which the Greenbrier Suites do not.)

Krissis Country Roadhouse, restaurant and bar -
phone 1-304-456-4699 (1 block east).

The Crossing - selling antiques and snacks - on the ground floor.

The Castaway Caboose -- stay over night in a remote location. See Castaway Caboose

Simply Sweet Cafe - next door to the Krissis Country Roadhouse -
8-6 Wed-Sat; 8-4 Sun. (304) 456-5530


The Durbin & Greenbrier Valley Railroad -phone 1-304-636-9477

The Cass Scenic Railroad

Hike or bike the West Fork Trail, or cross-country ski in the winter.


The Green Bank Observatory 304-456-2150

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